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Blood and Beer

Written by Makhta, Performed by Aeston
For the contest for Dwarven Champion


Where tankards crash and armies clash
Where hordes of orcs are dying
Let all beware; the dwarves are there
Where beer and blood is flying


When the orcs forget defeat
The dwarves will go remind them
The orcish army will retreat
And leave their heads behind them

When the army goes to war
They saunter forth and swagger
Humans may get sick and sore
But dwarves will never stagger

Sing Chorus

If you’re feeling sick or sore
The beer will do the curing
Because the time to drink at war
Is after, ‘fore and during

Their lords are masters carving stone
Their castle is a cavern
And when not seated on a throne
They’ll occupy the tavern

Sing Chorus

If a dwarf you care to bet
On who will fall down quicker
A splitting headache will you get
By axe or by the liquor

They make quick work of chopping heads
Throughout the dwarven nation
Of heads of orcs and heads of beer
It’s all decapitation

Sing Chorus

A screaming charge is all you’ll see
When dwarves want decimation
To rush an army or a bar
They use the same formation

A dwarf will never have to block
When in a tavern fighting
It feels like punching at a rock
You're better off just hiding

Sing Chorus

When blood is spilt it is for fame
Of mighty dwarven forces
When beer is spilt it is a shame
A waste of good resources

So raise a mug of ale or beer
And toast to dwarven glory
And raise an axe and raise a cheer
And proudly tell the story

Sing Chorus