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The Battle of Rhiassa

Written and Sung by Branwyn, Bard-in-Training

Hear you tales of bright honor
In the face of utmost despair;
These are the actions of heroes
At the Battle of Rhiassa.

Meg Quickfists led the troops
Against the Infernal Hounds.
Sylvanos the Green healed her limbs
Under the nose of the Daemon Knight.
Perron the Giant with well placed arrow,
Shot the Dogs of War, to no avail.
The Men of Rhiassa, eyes filled with terror,
Defended the tavern from the Infernal legions.
Healer Lady Dee stood inside her circle
Healing wounds as fast as they were dealt.
Cassia Skyshocker put down her spoon
And defended the circle of healing.
Lyr the Healer, stole the weapon
Belonging to the Daemon Knight.
Jianna Highrider, alone and unaided,
Searched for the weapons the daemon had stolen.
Malchor the Seer, with the favor of Oberon,
Cast fortunes to find how to slay the beasts.
Ether Bravemage sold his soul
To free Peregrine from the GatekeeperĀ¹s curse.
Peregrive the Warrior slew HellĀ¹s Champion
In combat, one on one.
Pyr Thalax lost his scalp
To the Sything blades of the Dogs of War.
Judas and Peter, men from the coast
Scattered like leaves in the wind.
Carmen Barechest cried in horror
As Meg was claimed by the Daemon Knight.

Fear the sick chill in your hearts
For despite the bright deeds of our men,
Hades has beaten their spirits
And has put into danger all our souls.