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Gypsy Reverie

Written by Stephen Johnson

My name is Papa Ronin,
'least that's what my boy, he calls me
And I've traveled far and wide
since I fell in with a Gypsy.

It all began one April night
when I woke up with a start.
The noise, I knew what it must be
and it shook my very heart.

I flew straight to my wee lad's room,
but I knew just what I'd see.
An empty bed, an open sill,
drapes flying in the breeze.

The day before I'd seen them all
a-dancing through the town.
The men in crazy colored pants,
the girls in swirling gowns.

I'd heard the stories bandied 'bout
of why to watch your young,
For Gypsies steal your kids away
to lives more free and fun.

And so I flew out of the room
and fell down to the ground.
I searched the dirt and mud
until her footprints I had found.

I knew the land and better yet,
I knew where they made camp
So I hurtled headlong through the wood,
across the dew still damp.

Far up ahead 'tween bush and tree
her colored skirt did fly.
And softly through the chill night air
I heard my young boy cry.

As we burst into the clearing
I was hot upon her heels
But wholly unprepared for
a scene that seemed unreal.

I stood before the Gypsy girl.
She put my child right down.
When he looked me in the eye
there was no trace of tear or frown.

He smiled and whispered in my ear,
"Dad, I knew that you would come!"
The gypsy lady kissed me then,
with just a little tongue.

I closed my eyes and saw us three
all dancing by a fire.
The flames unable to compete
with our garish wild attire.

I saw us in a mountain pass
and crossing rivers wide.
Walking on a sandy beach
and playing in the tide.

My boy, he then squeezed my hand
and once more I could see
But I could not shake the feeling of
my gypsy reverie.

Around us all the gypsy band
was packing up their tents
And I longed like nothing else
to live my life outside a fence.

So when she held me in her arms
and told me I was free
I knew the safety of stone walls
was no more the life for me.

When I come into your banquet halls,
as often as I can
Please know that I will never be
a leashed or caged man.